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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  March 17, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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grove. 22 on the eastbound side in valley forge to route one. cherry hill township in new jersey, route 70 around kings highway. roads are dry. so easy to drive on. vai and katy, back to you guy. >> see you in about ten minutes. thank you. here are the top stories we're following today. president trump will welcome german chancellor angela merkel to the white house. the two are expected to talk about strengthening the nato alliance, trade and immigration. we're expecting more on capitol hill to president trump's proposed budget. it slashes funding for state department, epa and other government institutions. and it's time for the wearin' of the green. it's st. patrick's day.
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cities across the country will celebrate irish heritage with parades and other events. this is video from philadelphia's st. patrick's day parade, held last sunday. to breaking news overnight in philadelphia. a driver had to pull over to check on a problem with his car. when he did, he found a dead body underneath. now police are trying to sort it all out. nbc 10's matt delucia is live. what do police know at this point? >> reporter: i'll step out of the way. behind this alleyway, behind 68th street. police thought they were responding to a minivan hitting a pedestrian but it was much more than that. a man was found underneath that van. police saw that he had also been shot in the face. right now it appears that the man was shot, left on the ground and a minivan coming up this
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alleyway hit the victim. he was then dragged about 100 feet. the driver stopped and got out because police say he initially thought that he hit a bag of trash and was dragging that. when he got out he saw it was actually a person. that's when he called police. that driver is cooperating with investigators as they try to figure out who shot the man and left him for dead in the street. that victim was pronounced dead after midnight. he has not been identified but police believe he is in his 20s or 30s. i'm matt delucia. >> thank you for that, matt. roman catholics throughout our region can enjoy cornbeef and cabbage on this st. patrick's day. former presidential candidate hillary clinton will be a keynote speaker in scranton at a st. patrick's day luncheon.
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clinton's father was born and raised in scranton. investigators say the search for a school worker turned up hundreds of dollars worth of marijuana. the battleship in camden will be closed because of icy conditions. it will be reopened tomorrow. if you go tomorrow or sunday and wear something green in honor of st. patrick's day, you'll get a discount on your tour. vai? final stop in philadelphia in february, ringling brothers brings its final tour stop at the national bank center. after 186 years the greatest show on earth is shutting down in may n. northeastern pennsylvania, spirit of kalahari water park opens in pocono
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manor. following an expansion project there. the resort added more than 500 guest rooms, new restaurants and a virtual reality attraction. sixers fans will be treated to a half time concert. live look atwells fargo center where '80s rap star biz markie will perform on the court. ♪ you you got what i need ♪ >> remember that? >> i do. i do. >> i remember that big hit by bismarckie. you can check him out at tonight's game. starting at 7:00. students attacked at the station is caught on camera. >> what led to this chaos in center city. plus, a scare for villanova fans. we'll take a look at the next step on the road to repeat.
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>> danger from above. how this week's snow storm is still putting people at risk. 4:35 and 31 degrees. we've got another sunny day before we get some rain and snow this weekend. neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check of the roads. route 202 at route 29. no problems reported. snow over in the shoulder. but roads have been dry two days or so. from the northbound side at this point around route 29 to the schuylkill expressway, average speeds are into the 60s. we're watching a disabled vehicle new into the system at norristown on west main street around markley street.
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422 looks food so far. we're quiet this morning. eight minutes eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. average speeds are into the 60s on the eastbound side as well. check in with the tacomy-palmyra. walkways on and over the bridge. they'll be slippery with ice as well. ben franklin and betsy ross are nice and clear. when i come back in ten minutes we'll check in with mass transit, coming up. 4:38. 31 degrees. not as cold this morning. clear skies and less windy, too. all around will feel warmer during the day, this morning and this afternoon. look at the sunshine. 32 degrees at 10:00. we'll be above freezing later in the morning and all afternoon long with lots of sunshine. so, the melting will accelerate. we'll get some more melting during the day. winds are lighter today. 10-mile-an-hour winds in
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philadelphia this afternoon. cold in the suburbs. numbers are still coming down. it could reach into the low 20s. that won't last long. 34 at lunchtime. the melting continues all afternoon long. 40 degrees at 4:00. looilt li likely a bit warmer before the sun sets this evening. it will be a cold start to the morning, but a sunny day. and near 40 degrees at 4:00, into the very low 40s later this afternoon. new jersey, see some melting today, too. 31 degrees. we're just shy of the freezing mark now. be in the 20s. temperatures will cool down before sunrise. you can get your coldest temperature this is time of year. that does not last long either. a degree below freezing 10:00. and look at the 40s for this afternoon for new jersey. the shore, sunshine will warm, 20s into the 30s and the 40s. the winds just a little bit stronger but nowhere near as strong as they have been the last few days. just a 13-mile-an-hour wind this
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afternoon at the shore today. in delaware, it's in the 20s right now, 30s by 10:00, 40s by 2:00 this afternoon. dry and sunny today. but the weekend starts with some snow and some rain on saturday. and it looks like that's going to be the damp day for our area. the temperatures will be cooler, 30s and 40s on saturday. by sunday, we'll get some snow in the morning. it dries up in the afternoon. in fact, that will be early morning snow. most of the day sunday should be dry. temperatures will be peaking in the 40s. we'll see if we can do better than that for the beginning of spring. got to look at the spring forecast and beyond with a ten-day on 10. we're back in a few minutes. katy? >> wibill, thanks for that. close calls from ice chunks smashing into cars. a damage to a car on the pennsylvania turnpike in king of prussia. meanwhile in delaware, a man tried to avoid ice flying off a tractor trailer on 495. as you can see, he didn't escape
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it. it hit his car. garden state parkway, flying ice had the a car by a woman driving to a job interview. >> i didn't know what to do. >> an extra ten minutes of warming up your car, removing that snow and ice could be life saving. >> the danger is not just on the roads. workers have been trying to clear ice that's accumulated on the tops of high rises in center city, philadelphia, so it doesn't come crashing down and hurt someone. earlier this week we told you about a toddler who needed a police escort to make it to the hospital during the snow storm. >> we're getting a look at his recovery. how he's doing, following the ordeal. more trouble for philadelphia rapper. airport altercation that all started with a photo request.
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4:43 on this friday morning. a second child has died following a house fire that may have started from an exploding hoverboard. >> a 3-year-old girl lost her life in the fire last week. consumer product safety commission is looking at whether the device was part of a recent recall. police in montgomery county are trying to find the owners of more than a million dollars of stolen gems and other items. police have arrested the thieves. burglaries date back to 2013 in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. we have a link to the pictures of the jewelry on our website, governor chris christie is likely to veto a bill that could keep presidential candidates off the ballot for not disclosing tax returns during the campaign. also in trenton, democratic lawmakers are calling for a plan
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to remove lead from new jersey's drinking water. they showed a slow response in the state in testing and also clean-up. members of the assembly called for regular testing for lead in schools, followed by immediate removal. in north jersey, the state's oldest st. patrick's day parade is postponed because of snow and ice from this week's storm. 82nd annual parade in newark will be held today -- held, rather, next friday, march 24th. students who had snow days since tuesday's storm will go back to school in allentown and bethlehem. meantime, residents are still digging out from more than a foot of snow that fell in those areas. there are large piles of snow everywhere with that make it hard to find a parking spot for some. officials in manalapan township are offering $50 to anyone who needs mailboxes
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repaired. plows either buried them in the snow or ripped them apart. >> no plows probably not going to be an issue today to navigate around but it looks like we're looking at the boulevard this morning. >> pretty clear outside so far. let's check in with traffic reporter jessica boyington to see if there are any problems. >> it looks good, right, around 17th street and the boulevard, north and southbound sides look great. norristown just into our traffic system here, crash on route 202 northbound around west main street. we'll see some delays moving up that northbound side of route 202. southbound side looking okay. also in norristown, disabled vehicle on west main street around markley street. watch for that. p.a. turnpike having slow-moving maintenance work. watch for some vehicles on the westbound side now between woodlow grove and ft. washington. from route 1 to valley forge just a 23-minute trip.
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we'll end here on the bridges. they look great. tacomy-palmyra, clear, ben franklin and betsy ross as well. we'll be back in ten minutes with a check-in with mass transit. >> jessica, thanks for that. quarter to 5:00 friday morning. we made it to friday. it was a long week with the storm earlier. >> it has been. i like the way that today is shaping up. let's check in with bill for the most accurate forecast in the city. bill? >> not a bad start. there are cold starts with suburbs in the 20s. most of the rest here is running warmer than yesterday. 28 in south jersey, philadelphia at 31 degrees, 27 in delaware and 25 in the lehigh valley. that 22 degrees will turn around. we'll see numbers in the 40s this afternoon. and many of the suburbs are warmer already. euclid township, also 27 in elroy. warrington, ft. washington, and new hope and newtown 29 to start
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w the wind is lighter. we'll see a pretty good warm-up today. it won't feel as cold at the bus stop. it will still be cold but sunshine will be bright. you need your sunglasses and your winter coat to start with at least. with temperatures warming into the 40s, what a turn around. still below normal. for philadelphia, we should be in the lower 50s. within 10 degrees of normal but that's still cool for march. 44 in center city this afternoon. 42 in doylestown. easton hits 42 later today. lots of melting for new jersey at the shore. sunny skies. atlantic city at the airport, 42. ocean city, 47 degrees. 48 in smyrna this afternoon. clear this morning. sunshine today. the weekend, a different story. we have nothing to the immediate west, but in the midwest, that snow, that rain starts moving in late tonight and it's going to be a snowy and rainy saturday. most of it is going to be rain.
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but we will get some periods of snow early saturday morning. this is 3:00 in the morning saturday. you can see snow from harris burg into reading, moving toward the lehigh valley, upper suburbs could see a little bit of light rain and snow. nothing will be heavy about this. it will be brief. saturday morning at 5:00, reaches into chester county, some in delaware county and could see light snowflakes in philadelphia. warmer air starts moving in. you see that snow line pushes north saturday morning, goes even farther north during the day. during the day saturday mainly it's going to be rain. if you're looking for snow you'll find it falling in the pocono mountains during the day. that's 5:30 in the afternoon on saturday. then, colder air starts dragging back into the area. so, that snow comes right back down into the area and we could see an inch in philadelphia, two inches in the lehigh valley and a little bit more in the pocono mountains. it's not going to be a heavy snow. that is coming to our area for
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the weekend. 44 this afternoon. nothing but sunshine. clouds tomorrow. rain mainly until later in the evening and then i've got snow that continues into early sunday. it clears out quickly. during the day i think it's going to be dry. 45 in the afternoon. a lot of that new fresh snow will be disappearing. then it's into the 50s. right on time for the beginning of spring. spring starts monday morning. first full day of spring 50 degrees. then it gets colder. winter returns for wednesday. and another warm-up. thursday, 42. look at the upper 40s for friday and 50s and 60s next weekend. >> not bad, bill. thanks for that. all right. one victory down, five more to go, if you're counting. top seeded villanova's road to repeat start the out rocky last night. the wildcats shook off some opening round jitters to win big in buffalo. members of nova nation who made the trip, they were nervous too. >> oh, man, they're scared. >> oh, my god they scared me in
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the beginning. >> oh, my god! the first half, did they have to do that to me? >> local fans who drove to buffalo calmed down a little bit when villanova won by 20 points in the second half. they got into the spirit by churning out bucks for merchandise. here at home, cheers dominated this wildcats watch party on the main line. nbc 10 was on the villanova campus last night, where fans regained their confidence by the second half. it was a nail biter, though, for some of them. nova will face wisconsin in buffalo. nbc 10's keith jones will be with the wildcats every step of the way on the road to repeat. catch his live reports from buffalo here on nbc 10. >> and this month of basketball season, montgomery county is holding a tasty tournament of its own. vote for the best pizza in the
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county. 64 pizza joints and now down to the saucy 16. if you would like to vote for your favorite we have a link on our website at nbc we're hearing from quarterback nick foltz for the first time since he re-signed with the eagles. he said his return is a blessing and will do anything to help starter carson wentz. >> i miss being around the league and being part of that on game day. crazy enough, you miss the boos from time to time. only place you get something like that. it's a special atmosphere. >> he misses the boos. something else. leading the eagles to the playoffs in 2013. >> nbc 10 news at 5:00, an ambulance stolen and an emt is killed. >> he ran over the guy, bro. watch it, watch it. >> oh! >> what the -- >> new video that captures the chaotic scene as people try to stop the driver.
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>> oh, my goodness. my heart. i couldn't even see because i was so teared up. >> classroom reunion for montgomery county second grader and his dad. how the air force pilot returned from a tour overseas to pull off a surprise homecoming at his school.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington. we're watching the blue route right around our cameras at the germantown pike on-ramp, disabled tractor trailers the right-hand shoulder. doesn't seem to be bothering traffic too much. be careful especially heading into the snowy portions. updates for you on this. crash on route 202 and check in with mass transit when i come back. national association of black journalists is mourning one of its founders, claude lewis, who died at his home in cherry hill. he worked in print and broadcast
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media, including wnbc. philadelphia bulletin and enquirer. he was 82 years old. a brawl involving students at a center city station is under investigation. [ screaming ] >> this cell phone video shows a group of teenagers attacking a handful of students from the philadelphia performing arts charter school at the septa station at broad and vine. we spoke to a parent of one of the victims. she says it began when her son and others tried to stop the teenagers from throwing ice. >> i was sick and disgusted, heartbroken. i couldn't even breathe, to be honest with you. i just -- the whole world stopped turning. >> the boy's mother said her son walked away with some bumps and bruises but overall is okay. another woman told us her son had to be checked out at the hospital for his injuries. we have new video of philadelphia's own meek mill
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after an altercation. he is in the red hoodie walking there. according to tmz the worker wanted a picture with the rapper but couldn't get one, and a fight followed. mill and two airport employees have been charged with assault. 4:57 right now. one of philadelphia's most beloved celebrities, kevin hart, will be recognized for his ties to the city this summer. dedicated july 6th as kevin hart day. you're looking at a picture of hart filming the movie "untouchable" last month. the mayor called him a fantastic ambassador for the city of philadelphia. a follow-up about the pennsylvania toddler you see right there, who got a police escort to the hospital during the height of tuesday's snow storm. this is new video of bentley gingerlowski, recovering from surgery. police, penndot and the national guard escorted bentley on the 80-mile trip from east strasburg to the medical center. he suffers from a heart
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condition. a second grader in collegeville got a special surprise at school. >> we love this story. >> so heartwarming. >> united with his dad, who had been deployed overseas. [ cheers and applause ] >> he has been in kuwait since october. 7-year-old owen and his brother have been living with their grandparents in collegeville since then. now that dad is home, owen will move back to montana with his dad and his little brother this weekend. he had a few parting words for owen's classmates. >> hey, guys, thanks so much for making owen feel so welcome while he was here. as i'm sure you can imagine, it's tough to travel around and have to change schools often. >> how awesome is that? after the union he took time to read to the class and answer their questions about being an air force pilot. >> those stories never get old to watch. >> no.
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>> we appreciate owen sharing his father with a grateful nation and also the class. >> what a surprise. >> yeah. >> very nice. >> good for them. now more of the stories we're following on nbc 10 news at 5:00 am. shot and dragged. a driver makes a gruesome discovery in philadelphia. ice concerns. first alert weather team is tracking the ongoing impacts from this week's winter storm. >> first of all, he stands by it. president trump is not backing down on his wiretap claims despite lawmakers finding no evidence. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. it is almost 5:00 on the dot. >> and i'm vai sikahema. temperatures are warming up today. that could lead to a new danger. 31 degrees right now. ice has been falling from high rises in center city. a viewer sent this picture of
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ice chunks coming down off the ritz carlton. let's get to meteorologist bill henley. >> part of what was driving that ice yesterday was wr the gusty winds. we have an improving situation, winds will be lighter today. it's cold this morning but not as cold as yesterday. lehigh valley has dropped to 22 degrees with a southwesterly wind at 7 miles an hour. 23 at 7:00. excuse me, being and 11:00, 31 degrees. nice warm-up with lots of sunshine. philadelphia, the northwest wind right now is at just 7 miles an hour. we saw gusts beyond 30 miles an hour yesterday, much lighter winds today. below 10 miles an hour at 8:00 and just an 11-mile-an-hour wind at 11:00 this morning. look at the temperatures warming to 35 degrees. that ice blowing off buildings is less likely today. melting? that is more likely. we saw some yesterday. it will accelerate today as we warm into the 40s for philadelphia,


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